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Hi this is Denise and my good friend Ollie the Crow. I have some exciting news I would like to share with you!


Currently my virtual preschool program is only available to individual families for in-home viewing and teachers cannot use them in their classrooms. But I am about to change that! 


But before I share the details with you I'd like to tell you a  little bit about myself and my preschool journey.  

I have always loved teaching and working with young children and in 2007 I took a job as a Paraprofessional for my local Elementary school. Working at the elementary school stirred a desire in my heart to be independent, I wanted to teach my own curriculum, I wanted my own preschool!

In 2009, my husband saw an advertisement from a preschool teacher in the state of Idaho. Her name was Joy Anderson and she was selling something called “Preschool In A Box”, it was a complete course on how to start your own preschool!  

So I decided to "go for it", I purchased Joy's preschool course, and with Joy's help and guidance, I started Creative Kids Preschool. I did it, I was living my dream, I had my own home based preschool right here in Fredericksburg, Virginia!

From 2009 thru 2020 I filled up all of my preschool classes each and every year. Don't get me wrong, my preschool path hasn't always been super smooth and easy. There have been plenty of challenges along the way. But early on I promised myself that quitting would never be an option and instead, over the past 12 years, I've put 100% of my time and effort into being the best preschool teacher I could be for my kids.


Like a lot of people though, I wasn't prepared to handle what happened in 2020 when COVID-19 hit this country. I was told I had to abruptly shut down my preschool here in Virginia. It was devastating at first, I was discouraged and depressed. Creative Kids was my life, my passion, I love my preschoolers!

After feeling helpless for what seemed like an eternity I decided to plow forward and again I turned to my mentor Joy Anderson for guidance. Joy was showing her preschool teachers how to do something called "Virtual Preschool". So, just like in 2009 when I started my local preschool, I committed myself to overcoming any "obstacles", and I decided I was going to put together 
the best virtual preschool I possibly could for my kids!


AND it would not just be an online preschool learning program for my own Pre-K kids, instead it would be free to preschool families everywhere!  I wanted to "do my part" by helping parents and their children during the pandemic. 

Fast forward to the present, what a journey it has been over the past 14 months! I have been humbled by the positive response to my
preschool program. To date over 10,000 families have signed up for my free virtual preschool curriculum, wow that's a lot of awesome kids!


As things get back to "normal" here in the United States, brick and mortar preschools are now back in vogue, you and I will once again be helping to shape the future of this country as we teach our "in-person" preschoolers.

Which Brings Me to The Purpose of Why I Am Sharing This With You Today.


I would like to "Team Up" with you and share with you my preschool lessons, so you can use them as a valuable teaching tool in your own local preschool!

Hundreds of parents have told me how much their children have enjoyed my online lessons and I know your preschoolers will fall in love with them as well!

My lessons are short (about 30 minutes), they are theme based, and children learn about real world stuff like Pets, Insects, Colors, Community Helpers, Dinosaurs, Seasons, Transportation, and lots more. Preschoolers are at an age where they cannot absorb enough of this type of learning

I teach, relate, and speak to my kids in a relaxed "one-on-one" manner, as if they are sitting there right next to me. We have lots of fun, but at  the same time I'm careful not to overload their sensories.

Right now I have a growing library of over 350 Core Lessons, Mini Lessons, Bonus Projects, and favorite teaching series "Story Time With Denise & Ollie!". You'll be able to use my videos as an add-on, a filler to your current preschool curriculum, or as a stand alone curriculum. Whatever works best for you and your kids!


Each Core Lesson includes Teaching Time, a Fun Learning Game, a Story Book Segment, Interactive Songs and Rhymes, and ends with an Awesome Project! After each Core Lesson you'll be able to expand upon the theme by using my supplemental Daily Newsletters!

If this sounds like an opportunity you'd like to take advantage of I've put together the Details On This PAGE. 


Thank you for listening and spending a few minutes with me, I wish you much success! 


Love, Denise

P.S. This is for In-person preschools only, no virtual preschool classrooms please.