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Tue, 10 Nov 2020, 09:01:35 EST


Virtual Preschool


Virginia Preschool Educator Offers Free Curriculum for Parents Amid Pandemic Woes

Free preschool learning program for preschoolers designed to assist adults in face of stay-at-home days due to coronavirus


-- As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect the everyday lives of all Americans, virtual learning is becoming even more important, particularly for the youngest students.


And there are many advantages to online learning for preschoolers ages 3-6.


Part of the effort to educate children and aid parents in doing so at home is online preschool for pre-kindergarten youngsters. More and more learning opportunities have turned into online pre K programs since the spring of 2020 when COVID-19 began to hit the United States the hardest. As schools shut down, virtual pre K programs popped up.


According to the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD), there are clear long-term benefits to young people from attending preschool. Now, virtual preschool is trending as a way to continue to offer an education to the youngest children while letting them stay home and stay safer, away from congregating in traditional preschool settings and taking the very real chance of contracting or spreading COVID-19.


Many preschool online learning sites offer strong curriculum for children, according to The internet is a rich resource for many such sites and advice for parents to educate their preschoolers during these challenging times.


At Creative Kids Virtual Preschool in Fredericksburg, Va., parents have a local source for an online preschool program built by longtime educator Denise Shields. Not only has Shields offered in-person learning for the youngest children for more than a decade through her preschool, she now offers a free online preschool curriculum to aid parents as they navigate educating their children in unprecedented times.


And there are many advantages to virtual pre K. Safety is first among them, as children who attend online pre K programs are not exposed to others and cannot contract or spread COVID-19 to children outside their family when they are at home to learn.


Another advantage to pre K online learning is that children can start their education immediately. They do not have to wait for a traditional preschool to have an opening for them. They also can set their own “school day” hours with virtual pre K.

In addition, online learning for pre K children can be personalized to fit each child’s unique needs. They are less likely to get behind the entire class as students learn together, or be bored when they are more advanced than the in-person curriculum being offered.

Additionally, online preschool can be completed in the comfort of a child’s own home. Youth can curl up on the living room couch, pull up a chair to the kitchen table, use their own desk, or otherwise choose their specific location for learning. Their comfort can help contribute to the best learning experience possible online.

What better way to find a good virtual pre K curriculum than from a preschool where many children have excelled in-person for years?

In Fredericksburg, Shields offers a free curriculum for pre K online learning as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. She founded Creative Kids Preschool in 2011 and it expanded to include Creative Kids Virtual Preschool this year. The longtime educator shares her preschool curriculum for children ages 3-6 with parents as they stay at home to social distance as a guard against the spread of the virus.

The expansion of pre K online learning may have come out of a negative trend in the nation, but there are many positives being discovered for virtual classrooms, and it’s the children who are reaping the benefits.